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    Collaborate options with JBPM

    Jagadeesh Balasubramanian Newbie

      Consider the below workflow requirements,
      1. Allowing the end user to define the process he wants to use a module
      2. Attaching some business condition to the module based on it's workflow status. Say @ draft status it is possible to delete, @ revision required status it is possible only to edit etc.
      3. Setting reminder frequencies for each status
      4. Setting rights to each activity in the process
      5. Allow re-assignments of the activities

      Apart from these there are other businesses with the module( like an approved entity can be started etc.,). These are many other entities in the system that don't indulge in the workflow but refer to entities that are in workflows.

      In such an situation how could we integrate JBPM into our system? I saw a streaming demo of jbpm but it was using the jbpm web portal. Is that the only way of doing workflow management? Will I have to maintain data in 2 different places?

      What are other possible ways of integration?

      How could I have my own web pages and just talk to jbpm for workflow management?