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    Stream error in jbpmwebconsole and struts-jbm sample source

    abhishek manocha Newbie


      I am staring with the jBPM, downlaoded and deployed

      when i start the jbpm-webconsole (on websale process).... and try to view a task
      it gives me following exception
      Stream error while reading XML: Connection timed out: connect
      +- Stack Trace
      javax.faces.FacesException: Stream error while reading XML: Connection timed out: connect.....

      And the full stack continuous.. i did google but found nothing.... can anybody please help here...

      plus i want some sample application code with jBPM and struts
      this is the cvs info i found from userguide
      Connection type: pserver
      User: anonymous
      Host: anoncvs.forge.jboss.com
      Port: 2401 (which is the default)
      Repository path: /cvsroot/jbpm
      Label: :pserver:anonymous@anoncvs.forge.jboss.com:/cvsroot/jbpm

      but dont know if it contains some sample aaplication sourcode with the struts (i feel jbpm-webdonsole for jbpm 3.2 is in JSF, i know struts havent worked on JSF and have to use struts anyway, so need sample application with struts)... can somebody help me with the path too after repository path for sample application... i have come across some holiday demo and payraise demo in soem of the forms which gave impression that they were with struts .... but havent found them in CVS... also are they compatible with jbpm 3.2 ... i mean they wer not written for 2.0 or some older versions of jbpm, right?

      Really stuck, need beginner's help here, many thanks in advance

      Third point, I have a requirement for using jbpm with MySQL... so can somebody direct me to proper forum threads too for moving jbpm Task and Process related data to MySQL instead of default HSQLDb

      Many thanks