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    how to interconnect jBPM with a third Party tool ? Pls Help

    ashutosh sri Newbie

      Hi All ,
      I am quite new to the jBPM tool and I want to figure out if there is anyway to configure the jbpm tool with a billing application . to be more precise , I want to define the work flow in the jBPM interface and then want my billing app to follow the rules defined at the jBPM interface i.e. how to interconnect the JBPM tool and the billing app.
      I am awaiting for a relief soon .Kindly help me figure it out.

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          David Roberts Apprentice


          The best thing to do is go through the User Guide yourself that comes with the JBPM download.

          Take note of Chapter 5, Deployment. It explains what you need to integrate the JBPM libraries into your own application.

          There is also the Getting Started guide on the JBPM Wiki which will help you.

          It will be easier to research JBPM yourself with the helpful documentation that's been put together already, then you can just post questions on sections you need help with. You will be more likely to get help on these forums doing it that way.

          Good luck!