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    showing image of current process stage

    yair friedman Newbie

      hi ,

      i develped a small program that reads the gpd.xml and the processdefinition.xml of the process and show the map of the process with a red rectangle arround the current task of the process .
      sometimes the rectange is not sorrounding the Node but is in other location , i suspect it is because of changes that was done to the diagram
      that changed or not changed the XML .

      anyway the code the determine the X,Y of the Rectange is :

       public int[] extractBoxConstraint(Element root, Token currentToken) {
       int[] result = new int[4];
       String nodeName = currentToken.getNode().getName();
       XPath xPath = new DefaultXPath("//node[@name='" + nodeName + "']");
       Element node = (Element) xPath.selectSingleNode(root);
       result[0] = Integer.valueOf(node.attribute("x").getValue()).intValue();
       result[1] = Integer.valueOf(node.attribute("y").getValue()).intValue();
       result[2] = Integer.valueOf(node.attribute("width").getValue()).intValue();
       result[3] = Integer.valueOf(node.attribute("height").getValue()).intValue();
       return result;

      thanks in Advance .

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          Heiner Niehues Newbie


          I intend to create a similar program. Maybe you can give me a tip how you realized to show the red rectangle. Would be very nice.


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            yair friedman Newbie

            here it is.
            you need to print via JSPout the output. to see.
            th function get the process instance id

             public StringBuffer showProcessImage (long processInstanceId) {
             byte[] gpdBytes = null;
             byte[] imageBytes = null;
             Token currentToken=null;
             String currentTokenColor = "red";
             long taskInstanceId=0;
             StringBuffer Sb = new StringBuffer();
             TaskInstance taskInstance=null;
             JbpmContext context = conf.createJbpmContext();
             GraphSession graphSession = context.getGraphSession();
             ProcessInstance pi = graphSession.loadProcessInstance(processInstanceId);
             TaskMgmtInstance tmi = pi.getTaskMgmtInstance();
             try {
             Collection tis = tmi.getUnfinishedTasks(pi.getRootToken());
             Iterator taskInstances = tis.iterator();
             if (taskInstances.hasNext()) {
             TaskInstance ti = (TaskInstance)taskInstances.next();
             taskInstanceId = ti.getId();
             taskInstance = context.getTaskMgmtSession().loadTaskInstance(taskInstanceId);
             else //process has finished
             Collection allTasks = tmi.getTaskInstances();
             Iterator AlltaskInstances = allTasks.iterator();
             TaskInstance LastInstance=null;
             while (AlltaskInstances.hasNext()) {
             LastInstance = (TaskInstance)AlltaskInstances.next();
             taskInstanceId = LastInstance.getId();
             taskInstance = context.getTaskMgmtSession().loadTaskInstance(taskInstanceId);
             currentToken = taskInstance.getToken();
             ProcessDefinition processDefinition = currentToken.getProcessInstance().getProcessDefinition();
             //String NodeName = currentToken.getProcessInstance().getRootToken().getNode().getName();
             FileDefinition fileDefinition = processDefinition.getFileDefinition();
             if (fileDefinition == null) {
             fileDefinition = new FileDefinition();
             String Path = Configuration.instance().GetParameter("","ProcessPath");
             Path += processDefinition.getName();
             addFileResourceToFileDefinition(fileDefinition, Path, "processimage.jpg");
             addFileResourceToFileDefinition(fileDefinition, Path, "gpd.xml");
             if (new File(Path + "\\gpd.xml").exists())
             //gpdBytes = fileDefinition.getBytes("gpd.xml");
             gpdBytes = processDefinition.getFileDefinition().getBytes("gpd.xml");
             imageBytes = processDefinition.getFileDefinition().getBytes("processimage.jpg");
             if (gpdBytes != null && imageBytes != null) {
             int borderWidth = 4;
             Element rootDiagramElement = DocumentHelper.parseText(new String(gpdBytes)).getRootElement();
             int[] boxConstraint;
             int[] imageDimension = extractImageDimension(rootDiagramElement);
             //String imageLink = "processimage?definitionId="+ processDefinition.getId();
             String imageLink = Path + "\\processimage.jpg";
             //else {
             boxConstraint = extractBoxConstraint(rootDiagramElement,currentToken);
             Sb.append("<script language='javascript'>");
             Sb.append("window.contentHeight = " + imageDimension[1] +";");
             Sb.append("window.contentWidth=" + imageDimension[0]+";");
             Sb.append("<table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 width="
             + imageDimension[0]
             + " height="
             + imageDimension[1] + ">");
             Sb.append(" <tr>");
             Sb.append(" <td width=" + imageDimension[0]
             + " height=" + imageDimension[1]
             + " style=\"background-image:url(" + imageLink
             + ")\" valign=top>");
             Sb.append(" <table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0>");
             Sb.append(" <tr>");
             Sb.append(" <td width="
             + (boxConstraint[0] - borderWidth)
             + " height="
             + (boxConstraint[1] - borderWidth)
             + " style=\"background-color:transparent;\"></td>");
             Sb.append(" </tr>");
             Sb.append(" <tr>");
             Sb.append(" <td style=\"background-color:transparent;\"></td>");
             Sb.append(" <td style=\"border-color:"
             + currentTokenColor
             + "; border-width:"
             + borderWidth
             + "px; border-style:groove; background-color:transparent;\" width="
             + boxConstraint[2]
             + " height="
             + (boxConstraint[3] + (2 * borderWidth))
             + "> </td>");
             Sb.append(" </tr>");
             Sb.append(" </table>");
             Sb.append(" </td>");
             Sb.append(" </tr>");
             catch (Exception e) {
             //throw new JspException("table couldn't be displayed", e);
             taskInstanceId = -1;
             gpdBytes = null;
             imageBytes = null;
             currentToken = null;
             return Sb;

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              Heiner Niehues Newbie

              Thanks a lot - I will try it..


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                Heiner Niehues Newbie

                I have also this problem.. that the rectangle are not at the right place.
                But i used a javascript library (http://www.walterzorn.com/jsgraphics/jsgraphics_e.htm)
                to create the rectangle.
                I use a offset to fix it. I will take a look tomorrow more.

                <head><title>Show the Picture</title>
                 <script type="text/javascript" src="js/wz_jsgraphics.js"></script>
                <div style="left:0px; top:0px; position:absolute;">
                <img src="img\processimage.jpg" alt="">
                <script type="text/javascript">
                 function drawRect(x,y,width, height)
                 jg_doc.drawRect(x, y, width, height);
                 var jg_doc = new jsGraphics();
                 drawRect(${coord[0]} + 217,${coord[1]} - 2 ,${coord[2]},${coord[3]});


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                  David Roberts Apprentice

                  Try this thread. I posted my solution there which works perfectly for me: http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=102817

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                    Kris R Newbie


                    really a nice post...

                    i am working on the same example but i know very little about java

                    the line "Configuration.instance().GetParameter("","ProcessPath");" is not compiling as i am unable to find any class with name configuration....

                    please help me regarding some file inclusions sso that the code will get compiled....

                    thanks in advance...