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    about the user forum

    masipu Newbie

      Ok. I know that this is propably the wrong place to talk about the forum itself. But I couldn't find a place to talk about it elsewere :S

      So, I've been testing Jbpm 3.2.1 for a while and noticed that the documentation is not up to date. I've been using this forum to get help but tips are usually for older versions. So my request is that there should be some kind of versioning here in forum. So that I can search topics for newest version. It's really annoying to read user forum for the product that I'm using but the tips I'm reading doesn't work for my version. Frustrating.
      I hate when documentation says something that has been already changed.

      ..and if you suggest that I use the version number in my search term, you are missing my point..

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          the forum is part of the labs project... and I doubt they will introduce something like this. You can try and convince all users to add e.g. the version number in the subject like: [3.2.1] Problem starting my kiteboard

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            masipu Newbie

            Yep.. the problem is that documentation doesn't follow the written code. And user guide isn't up-to-date anymore. And user forum has old tips. This is quite common problem in (os) projects that are in constant progress. I think it creates a bit of confusion and this is one reason why open source is criticised so much.

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              Ronald van Kuijk Master


              one reason why open source is criticised so much.

              - The forums are no different in commercial software.
              - The quality of the code isn't any different (in fact, things are often fixed quicker in OS)
              - The support is often better (my personal exerience, I´ve worked with many majore vendors)
              - The docs lag... yes.... but the code can be used (and should) as docs
              - OS targets in some cases different users, requireing more detailed knowledge, but this is imo good. Users of commercial software often have less knowledge, that is why they (need to) buy expensive consulting