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    IdentityLoginModule: how to inject IdentityService with Tomc

    Jesus Menendez Newbie

      I am trying to integrate the jbpm IdentityLoginModule with the Tomcat JAAS Realm to authenticate users using the jbpm identity schema.

      Looking at the IdentityLoginModule source code I saw that you need to inject the identityService to the IdentityLoginModule. How can I achieve this using Tomcat JAAS.

      I guess the other alternative is to write my own IdentityLoginModule to use with the Tomcat JAAS Realm. How well this will work with the jbpm identity model?.
      Will I need two hibernate sessions then, one ofr JBPM processes and the other for JBPM identities for Tomcat to be able to instantiate my own LoginModule?. Will the ExpressionAssignmentHandler still work in that environment?