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    jBPM/jBoss seam performance

    fabio quimbay Newbie

      Greetings ...

      I was reading the JBoss Seam Forum and I saw this post:


      I think the correct forum por this question is here, for this reason I again post for any help:

      Hello, well I'm new using jBPM and here at the company where I work we want to apply it to our system in order to get an organized and ordered navigation scheme for our development. Some of my ex-workpartners whom had worked with this framework have told me that jBPM is excellent, if only if the process isn't small , since they applied it to three/four tasks processes and the response time was slower than without using jBPM. They got a process with three tasks and with jBPM took more than one minute by giving an answer, instead without jBPM, the same procedure took some seconds to give an answer.

      I'd like to know when should I apply jBPM, which are the performance advantages and disadvantages that might affect a system with this framework ?, or is there any pre-study made to measure jBPM and seam performance like http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/power/jbossworld_2006_june_jaffe.pdf?

      What'd it be better for using, the stateful or stateless seam conversational flow or jBPM?