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    paginating table

    arne anka Newbie

      i think i've read everything that is there to be read regarding dataTable and datascroller.
      and yet, i still don't get it to work.
      my request is pretty trivial: i got a java.util.List with, say, 100 entries and i want that List displayed in a table with 19 rows per page, thus scrolling through 10 pages.

      it's not feasible -- the best i get are overly complex datamodels or listners which is absolutely an overkill and does not work anyway.

      i got a snippet like that:

       <rich:dataOrderedList value="#{objectsList.resultList}" var="cap" rows="5" id="table">
       <h:outputText value="#{cap.PID}" />
       <rich:datascroller for="table" />

      the first page is shown correctly, but if i click any of the scroller's buttons the table disappears and leaves me with a disabled scroller. no error, no exception. nothing.

      according to the number of requests for datascroller and the bug reports concerning datascroller it seems to be pretty common problem ...

      any hints? or rather (since i've seen so much of them) any know-to-work code snippets and maybe some in-depth informations what the datascroller does why?