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    dropSchema problem - does it work?

    s b Newbie

      We're having a problem with JbpmConfiguration.dropSchema(). The log shows it is unable to drop tables, due to constraints mainly. The log does show it dropping a lot of constraints, but it seems some are missing. The impression is that the SQL DDO objects referenced in the code and in the SQL script are different, i.e. something is out-of-date.

      We're using jbpm-jpdl-3.2.GA with SQL Server 2000.

      We created the tables using the "jbpm.jpdl.mssql.sql" script modified slightly:

      1. Put GOs between the statements so it runs through in SQL Analyzer.
      2. Removed unique constraint on JBPM_PROCESSINSTANCE key_,processdefinition_ so more than one process instance can be saved.

      Does anyone have a similar experience with dropSchema? Is there a solution?