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    bpm_orchestration2 example question

    Arutha Belron Newbie

      I had a quick question on the execution of this process.

      As I understand it, the way it is implemented in the integrated jBPM of ESB4.2, the user triggers the initialisation of the process by running the "startProcess" task in the buildfile, which sends a JMS to the gateway of the process-starter (similar to how the process is deployed). This service creates and signals the deployed process once, moving the process to the 2nd node: "Receive Order". As I understand it, the link between this node and the service in jboss-esb.xml is the tag Service1, executing the logic, the Groovy-script for each service.

      Now here's the question: how does the process step to the next node. Or, more precisely, what happens after the Groovy-script is executed for Service1? I do not understand how the remaining signals to the process take place. Is this done automatically?