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    Properties do not appear in designer

    Pedro Luppi Newbie

      I generate the designer plugin from head source and put the directories "jbpm.3/designer/jpdl/org.jbpm.gd.jpdl.build/target/jbpm-jpdl-designer/eclipse/features/" and "designer/jpdl/org.jbpm.gd.jpdl.build/target/jbpm-jpdl-designer/eclipse/plugins/" in "c:/Software/eclipse/", and in "Runtime Locations" I put "\jbpm-jpdl-suite-3.2.1\jbpm-jpdl-3.2.1" (this one, I downloaded, not generate).
      So, I create a new process project and , in it, a new process definition. The problem is that when I add a Task Node in diagram tab, and rigth-click on it, do no appear "add task", "add action" and "properties".

      Someone know what I am doing wrong ?

      ps: the eclipse is the default, that was downloaded from ant.