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    Rules and BPM from the (nonprogrammer) analyst's POV

    Victor Hastings Newbie


      I am working with a developer who is building a web application using JBoss Rules and jBPM. I'm not a programmer at all -- I'm simply developing the spec and scope of work for my developer to work from.

      I haven't found a lot of information (manuals, tutorials, etc.) geared towards helping nonprogrammer analysts communicate their needs to the developer. For example, is there a flowchart symbology, or other schematic approach, for diagramming business processes and the rules that control them? Is there a GUI app that I can use to create, modify and implement work flows, rules and logic, once the programmer has built the infrastructure? Is there a category of Java commands that I might benefit from learning?

      If there are any JBoss Rules or jBPM developers watching, then what do you wish your customers did better when communicating their needs to you?