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    is it possible to change identity file

    clause Mbacky Newbie

      Hi everybody,
      i want to change Identity component like this:

       <user name="sally" email="sally@dvd.com" password="sally" address="21 jump street"/>
       <user name="mary" email="mary@dvd.com" password="mary" address="21 jump street"/>
       <user name="tom" email="tom@dvd.com" password="tom" address="21 jump street"/>
       <user name="bill" email="bill@dvd.com" password="bill" address="21 jump street"/>
       <group name="reviewers" type="hierarchy" />
       <group name="supervisors" type="hierarchy" />
       <group name="clerks" type="hierarchy" />
       <membership name="seniorsallyreviewers" role="senior" user="sally" group="reviewers" />
       <membership name="juniortomreviewers" role="junior" user="tom" group="reviewers" />
       <membership name="marysupervisors" role="senior" user="mary" group="supervisors" />
       <membership name="billclerks" role="senior" user="bill" group="clerks" />

      is it possible to add new attribute on user for example ??