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    Passing simple Parameter from one page to another



      This is a simple question but I couldn't find the answer on the internet or this forum.
      I just want to pass a parameter (a task instance) from one page to another.
      On the source page I've inserted this button:

      <s:button action="#{orderingProcess.endTask()}" taskInstance="#{task}" value="End Task" rendered="#{not empty task.start}">
       <ui:param name="task" value="#{task}"/>

      But how can I use this parameter on my destination page? After executing the action (in the button) I will be referenced to another page (with the help of navigation rules). Here I need to use this special task parameter.
      I tried something like this:
      <h:outputText value="#{param.task.name}"/>
      but I wasn't succesfull.

      Hope you can help me.