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    VariablesCommand executed by CommandServiceBean has no effec

    Johannes Huber Newbie

      I'm trying to set variables on a processInstance via the VariablesCommand executed remotely with CommandServiceBean, but it does'nt have any effect (variables are not set, no error in log).

      I use the VariablesCommand in the following way:

      Map variablesMap = new HashMap();
      variablesMap.put("anzahlBier", "10");
      VariablesCommand variablesCommand = new VariablesCommand();

      In the log I can see that the execute-Method of CommandServiceBean is called an that the command is handed over to the command service:

      2007-09-07 15:18:25,921 DEBUG [org.jbpm.ejb.impl.CommandServiceBean] executing org.jbpm.command.VariablesCommand@1bf756b
      2007-09-07 15:18:25,937 DEBUG [org.jbpm.ejb.impl.CommandServiceBean] handing over the command execution to the command service

      I'm using jbpm-jpdl-suite-3.2.1.

      Other commands executed remotely work fine.

      Any ideas appreciated!

      cheers, johannes