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    How do I end an existing process instance immediately?

    Przemyslaw Kolaczynski Newbie

      I have process with subprocess the first node of the process is "processState" that start a subprocess, the first node of the subprocess is state-node. After signal a token point at the state-node. When I call "end()" method of the 'main' process only the subprocess is ended but the 'main' process continue execution. I think it is because of part of code of processInstance end() method:

       // check if this process was started as a subprocess of a super process
       if (superProcessToken!=null) {
       ExecutionContext superExecutionContext = new ExecutionContext(superProcessToken);

      Whay the signal method from superProcessToken is invoke ??

      Is there other method to finish processInstance and all its subprocesses immediately?

      P.S. Sorry for my poor english.