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    How handle object from rich:suggestionbox ?


      I wonder, if possible is to 'handle' object that was selected in rich:suggestionbox?


      <h:inputText id="nralbum" value="#{AdminController.nrAlbumu}" >
      <rich:suggestionbox for="nralbum" suggestionAction="#{AdminController.autocompleteUserByAlbum}"
       var="suggestUser" >
       <h:outputText value="#{suggestUser.nrAlbum}"/>

      public List <UserInfo> autocompleteUserByAlbum(Object event) {

      And I would like to get value of object 'UserInfo' that was selected as 'suggestUser' outside of 'rich:suggestionBox' (i mean after user select value)
      Is it possible?

      regards and thanks for response