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    jBPM ... confused...

    Robert Bui Newbie

      Hello all,
      I am relatively new and naive on jBPM. I am able to get the jbpm-console to work and have successfully modified and deploy the websale example. I understand the jBPM can be embedded in another application for workflow. However, can we use jBPM by itself as a standalone web application (e.g. for HR forms, procurement process, etc) and as an portlet within JBoss Portal?

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          jean-luct Newbie

          I'm quite new to jBPm too. But according to my understanding :
          you can define your own workflow in jBPM.
          You can ask jBPM to create a simple form for you. You can if you know Facelet complete and adapt this form.
          The jBPM console provides a kind of portal to the workflow you define. This portal relies on the form it generates, so you can have pretty quickly a user interface for your process :
          a login page
          a portal that display your to do task list, the list of processes you can start.
          when you click on a to do task, you call a simple form to input data

          This is in theory all you need, nevertheless, I do not consider this user interface user friendly, is more a debugging tool to me.

          Hope, It helps you.

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            Ronald van Kuijk Master


            The ui is indeed not intended (yet, nor am I sure it ever will be) a complete end-user application. At least not for complex systems. You can use it for RAD and indeed as an admin.

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              jean-luct Newbie


              I didn't know for sure that UI was not an aim of the project.
              But I fully agree with you to say that it's more a kind of debugging tool for admin or developper. That what I wanted to mean when I said I do not consider it as user friendly.

              So far I'm too new to jBPM to address this kind of problem but I didn't bump so far in any thorough tutorial or documentation on this subject (but I didn't really look up for one).
              Thus is anybody have a reference to one, it wil be nice to add a simple post to this thread with a reference to it.


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                Ronald van Kuijk Master

                tutorial or documentation of what?