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    findComponent( String clientID) on UIViewRoot returns null !

    jobinesh Newbie

      Dear All

      We aere trying to add some 'error style' for the erroneous form fields using PhasesListener. Everything works well. But when I tried adding the style for error input fields which are part of rich:dataTable, the findComponent returns null. Code sample is given below

       Iterator<String> clientIdsWithMessages = facesContext
       UIViewRoot uiViewRoot = facesContext.getViewRoot();
       while (clientIdsWithMessages.hasNext()) {
       String clientIdWithMessages = clientIdsWithMessages.next();
       if( clientIdWithMessages== null){
       continue; //Any chance for this to happen?
       UIComponent uicomp = uiViewRoot.findComponent
       //Should not happen , right?

      Am I' doing somthing wrong? Does there exist any work around for this?
      Thanks in advance