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    Mail to group on task assignment


      Hi All,
      I want to send a mail to the pooledActor group when a task is assigned to that group. I am able to send a mail to the actor who claims the task using

      <task-node name="MANAGER_APPROVAL">
       <task name="MANAGER_APPROVAL" notify="yes">
       <assignment class="a.b.c.GenericTaskAssignmentHandler"/>
       <transition name="" to="ANOTHER_NODE"></transition>

      but have no clue how to get the mail to be sent to the group. On searching the forum, I came across this post : http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=85748 , which I guess talks about the older version of JBPM. i am using version 3.2.1, which has the e-mail tags.
      My question is, is there a way in jbpm3.2.1 to send mail to the group on task assignment using email notification (without writing an actionhandler myself, ie) ?
      Thanks in advance..