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    Task list of specified actor

    ghazi sabri Newbie

      i'm trying to use JBPM , i have sucefuly deploye a process and start it, but i want to know how to get all task of specified actors, i mean to get the tasks of an actor in all the instances of specified process is there a example to make that?


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          Ebrahim Salehi Newbie

          Dear member;
          TaskMgmtSession which can be fetched from jbpmContext has got various methods to find task instances.
          This method finds all active task instances from all process definitions. If you want to get task instances of a specified process definition you need to get all process instances of that process definition and then call findTaskInstancesByProcessInstance(ProcessInstance processInstance).
          The other alternative is to fetch all tokens from process instances of a process definition and call findTaskInstancesByToken(long tokenId). These two methods find all task instances of all actors. To narrow the result make a contribution of findTaskInstancesByProcessInstance(ProcessInstance processInstance) and findTaskInstances(actor) or simply modify findTaskInstancesByProcessInstance including actor id in its hql.

          Best Wishes
          Ebrahim Salehi

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            David Roberts Apprentice

            Here's how I get all task instances that have not ended for all processes for the currently authenticated user. You could use this code as an example. If anyone has a better way of doing it, please post it:

            User currentUser = getUser(request);
            Session session = jbpmContext.getSession();
            //create list of possible id's (this includes groups) that
            //belong to the current user.
            List actorsList = new ArrayList();
            IdentitySession identitySession = new IdentitySession(session);
            org.jbpm.identity.User jbpmUser = identitySession.getUserByName(currentUser.getUsername());
            Iterator i = jbpmUser.getMemberships().iterator();
             Membership m = (Membership) i.next();
            List pooledTaskInstances = jbpmContext.getTaskMgmtSession().findPooledTaskInstances(actorsList);
            List jbpmTaskInstanceList = session.createQuery("from org.jbpm.taskmgmt.exe.TaskInstance " +
            "ti where ti.start is null and ti.end is null and actorId = '"+currentUser.getUsername()+"'").list();
            //add pooledTaskInstances to taskList
            //TODO sort jbpmTaskInstanceList by task instance id

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              Ronald van Kuijk Master

              for those of you who want a shorter (jbpm api and java api) and jbpm 3.2 compliant version (the example above is 3.1)

              String currentUser = getUser(request).getUsername();
              IdentityService is = jbpmContext.getServices().getIdentityService();
              org.jbpm.identity.User jbpmUser = is.getUserByName(currentUser);
              //create list of possible id's (this includes groups) that
              //the current user is a member of.
              List actorsList = new ArrayList(jbpmUser.getMemberships());
              // add user in case he is the sole pooled actor not via a group
              List pooledTaskInstances = jbpmContext.getGroupTaskList(actorsList);
              List userTaskInstanceList = jbpmContext.getTaskList(currentUser);

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                David Roberts Apprentice

                Thanks Ronald,

                I have tried your example, however, there doesn't seem to be a method getIdentityService(); There is a getService(String name) method, so I thought that perhaps I should pass in some sort of 'Identity Service' name, so I looked in Services.java and found these service names defined:

                 public static final String SERVICENAME_AUTHENTICATION = "authentication";
                 public static final String SERVICENAME_AUTHORIZATION = "authorization";
                 public static final String SERVICENAME_TX = "tx";
                 public static final String SERVICENAME_LOGGING = "logging";
                 public static final String SERVICENAME_MESSAGE = "message";
                 public static final String SERVICENAME_PERSISTENCE = "persistence";
                 public static final String SERVICENAME_SCHEDULER = "scheduler";
                 public static final String SERVICENAME_JCR = "jcr";
                 public static final String SERVICENAME_ADDRESSRESOLVER = "addressresolver";

                There doesn't seem to be anything for an Identity Service?

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                  Ronald van Kuijk Master

                  my version is for 3.2 which has the methods

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                    David Roberts Apprentice

                    I must be missing something?

                    I was using 3.2.1, and just upgraded yesterday to 3.2.2. Neither of which have the methods.

                    I am looking at:



                    I downloaded the releases from the links found at: http://labs.jboss.com/jbossjbpm/downloads

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                      Ronald van Kuijk Master

                      ahhhhhhhh shoooooottttt you are correct... this was something I was refactoring in my local tree stupid me... I wanted to make the identity a real service ... Made the mistake to name my checkout jbpm-3.2-head..... SORRY.....

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                        David Roberts Apprentice

                        No problem, thanks for clearing that up.
                        I will keep an eye out in future releases for the Identity Service.