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    Scheduler configuration

    Luc DEW Newbie


      i have problems trying to enable jbpm timers.

      I declared the following configuration (which is copied from the default.jbpm.cfg.xml).

      <!-- Jbpm job executor -->
       <bean name="jbpm.job.executor" class="org.jbpm.job.executor.JobExecutor">
       <field name="jbpmConfiguration"><ref bean="jbpmConfiguration" /></field>
       <field name="name"><string value="JbpmJobExector" /></field>
       <field name="nbrOfThreads"><int value="1" /></field>
       <field name="idleInterval"><int value="5000" /></field>
       <field name="maxIdleInterval"><int value="3600000" /></field> <!-- 1 hour -->
       <field name="historyMaxSize"><int value="20" /></field>
       <field name="maxLockTime"><int value="600000" /></field> <!-- 10 minutes -->
       <field name="lockMonitorInterval"><int value="60000" /></field> <!-- 1 minute -->
       <field name="lockBufferTime"><int value="5000" /></field> <!-- 5 seconds -->

      The problem is that i get the following message:
      2007-09-24 17:20:23,709 INFO [STDOUT] WARN [main] org.jbpm.configuration.ObjectFactoryImpl - no info for object 'jbpmConfiguration'.

      At deployment time i execute the following code to start the JobExecutorThread:

      JbpmConfiguration configuration = JbpmConfiguration.getInstance();

      I don't even understand how the default configuration can work since in the default configuration file there's no "jbpmConfiguration" bean defined.
      This bean is a dependency of jbpm.job.executor bean.
      I searched in the sources but haven't found any jbpmConfiguration bean key defined. Maybe it finds it by its type.

      But the default configuration generates the following exceptions:

      2007-09-24 17:20:23,715 INFO [STDOUT] ERROR [JbpmJobExector:10.X.X.X:1] org.jbpm.job.executor.JobExecutorThread - exception in job executor thread. waiting 5000 milliseconds
      at org.jbpm.job.executor.JobExecutorThread.acquireJobs(JobExecutorThread.java:106)
      at org.jbpm.job.executor.JobExecutorThread.run(JobExecutorThread.java:56)
      I need you help.

      (jbpm version 3.2.1)

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          Luc DEW Newbie

          Ok i think it's a Jbpm Spring modules integration issue. Since the createJbpmConfiguration(ObjectFactory objectFactory) method is never called. It initializes the "jbpmConfiguration" value info.

          ObjectInfo jbpmConfigurationInfo = new ValueInfo("jbpmConfiguration", jbpmConfiguration);