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    [Process Designer-3.1.0] Transition text position not saving

    David Roberts Apprentice

      I upgraded my designer from v.3.0.13 to jbpm-jpdl-designer-3.1.0.sp1 this morning.

      I have noticed that all my nicely aligned text on all my transitions have been reset. They now stick to the transition, and if the transition line is quite short, the text is then overlapping my nodes etc. It looks terrible.
      I tried re-positioning all the text again, and saving, but as soon as I close and re-open my process again, the text is snapped back onto the transition lines, and it looks terrible again.

      It seems that in 3.1.0, you cannot position your transition text where you want it? I've tried on a new process as well, and get the same result.

      Is this a new feature? Or a bug? Is there anyway to allow me to position the text where I want it, to neaten up the look of the process/image, and actually have it stay that way?