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    Problem with the decision making node

    ashutosh sri Newbie

      Hi All ,
      I am a new user to the jBPM tool and quite in a fix with it . I am trying a simple process as this :

       Set & Check Account Type
       Active / \ Inactive
       Get Address Get Reactivated

      But the problem is that after executing the correct condition it traverses the Get Address node again at the end . I am unable to figure out why does it so ? Please , it would be very kind of you if you can help with this ...........

      the action handler for the decision box goes like this :
      public void execute(ExecutionContext context) throws Exception {
       System.out.println("Checking the Accnt Status");
       System.out.println("Account is Active");
       System.out.println("Account is InActive");

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
       <start-state name="start">
       <transition name="" to="CheckaccountType"></transition>
       <end-state name="end">
       <decision name="CheckaccountType">
       <event type="node-enter">
       <action name="action1" class="com.bpm.actions.CheckAcctStatus"></action>
       <transition name="Yes" to="Fetch Address Info"></transition>
       <transition name="No" to="InactiveAccount"></transition>
       <node name="Fetch Address Info">
       <event type="node-leave">
       <action name="action1" class="com.bpm.actions.FetchAddInfo"></action>
       <transition name="1" to="end"></transition>
       <node name="InactiveAccount">
       <event type="node-enter">
       <action name="action1" class="com.bpm.actions.InactiveAcctStatus"></action>
       <transition name="2" to="end"></transition>