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    Server Deployer field in GPD

    Benson Fung Newbie


      I am using GPD to deploy the process archive into the jBPM engine. Actually, I am currently using jBPM starter kit with jbpm.war pre-installed.

      However, I don't understand the Server Deployer field is hard-coded to '/jbpm/upload'. I can't find where '/jbpm/upload' is honestly. But I can deployed my process archive there successfully. Why isn't Server Deployed field set '/jbpm/deploy' instead of '/jbpm/upload'. Please help tell me the mechanism of the deployment mechanism in GPD.


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          David Roberts Apprentice

          It is a servlet. Deployed in jbpm-console\WEB-INF\web.xml

          <!-- This is the GDP's deployer servlet -->
           <servlet-name>GDP Deployer Servlet</servlet-name>
           <servlet-name>GDP Deployer Servlet</servlet-name>

          The source code for that servlet is found at: jbpm-jpdl-3.2.x\src\jpdl\org\jbpm\web\ProcessUploadServlet.java

          The compiled class sits in the jbpm-jpdl.jar file.

          If you make changes to your web.xml and change the servlet mapping to something else, or you have jbpm deployed in your own webapp, you can change the default eclipse deployment path by clicking Windows-->Preferences-->JBoss Jbpm-->Server Deployment and change the relevant field.

          Hope this helps.

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            Benson Fung Newbie

            Thanks for your help.