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    JBPM and MYSQL

    Eric Van Wagner Newbie


      I am really new to JBPM and am having some problems.

      I am trying to get MYSQL to work with JBPM and I an running into some problems. I downloaded the 3.2 starter kit, installed MYSQL got the schema inserted but my problem is making the JBPM webapp use the MYSQL as the data source.

      Following the user guide I cannot find the following:

      Making the default webapp talk to the correct datasource is again not very difficult. The first step in doing this is simply locate the 'jboss-service.xml' file in the folder '${JBPM_SDK_HOME}/jbpm-server/server/jbpm/deploy/jbpm.sar/META-INF'.

      There is no jbpm.sar, is this a separate download because it is not in the kit.
      Because of this I cannot find the hibernate.cfg.xml file that is supposed to be in the directory.

      Is there an updated doc for integrating MYSQL and JBPM?

      Any Help would we great.