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    JBPM-BPEL process monitoring - engine API

    Rares Chiriacescu Newbie


      I have to develop a monitoring application (similar to the one IBM provides for its BPEL engine) for BPEL processes deployed on the JBPM-BPEL engine.

      Regarding this issue, I have read the following thread:

      My question is: how can I access the BPEL engine and query/inspect the deployed processes? Is there any engine API that I can use (e.g. a stateless session bean implementing the facade pattern, which provides methods like getRunningProcesses(..) )?

      I need a starting point in this regard.

      Thanks in advance.

      Kind regards, ruhl22.

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          Alejandro Guizar Master

          The jBPM BPEL runtime inherits the engine API provided by jBPM jPDL. The class JbpmContext is the (pojo) facade to the publicly available process operations. The so-called "named" sessions, available from the jbpmContext object, encapsulate different categories of database access. The GraphSession provides methods to retrieve the deployed process definitions and the running process instances. A sample includes:

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            Rares Chiriacescu Newbie

            Thanks for your reply. This helps a lot.

            What about process administration functionality? Is there a way (API) to start/stop deployed/running processes?

            Kind regards, ruhl22.

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              Rares Chiriacescu Newbie

              I have inspected the mentioned classes, my previous question is obsolete.

              Thanks again, ruhl22.

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                Rares Chiriacescu Newbie

                Hi Alex.

                I have implemented a session bean facade and deployed it to the jboss server, where the jbpm-bpel engine runs. Additionally, using a client application, I access the method exposed by the deployed session bean.

                Everything runs as imagined, except that I get an exception (related to hibernate lazy collection initialization) when trying to access the Actions of a BpelProcess.

                Clinent code:
                Map<String, Action> actionMap = bpelProcessTemplate.getActions();
                actionMap.size(); //exception flies here.

                The exception stack is:

                Exception in thread "main" org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException: failed to lazily initialize a collection of role: org.jbpm.graph.def.ProcessDefinition.actions, no session or session was closed
                 at org.hibernate.collection.AbstractPersistentCollection.throwLazyInitializationException(AbstractPersistentCollection.java:358)
                 at org.hibernate.collection.AbstractPersistentCollection.throwLazyInitializationExceptionIfNotConnected(AbstractPersistentCollection.java:350)
                 at org.hibernate.collection.AbstractPersistentCollection.readSize(AbstractPersistentCollection.java:97)
                 at org.hibernate.collection.PersistentMap.size(PersistentMap.java:95)
                 at com.agetas.jbpm.client.Run.main(Run.java:83)

                Do you have any idea, how I can prevent this exception to occur? I don't want to modify the hibernate mapping code of the classes within jbpm-jpdl.jar, to deactivate lazy loading...

                Thanks in advane, ruhl22.