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    an end state that you can leave?

    Steve Lustbader Newbie

      I'd like to create a process that has an end state, but unlike the EndState class, I'd actually like to be able to transition out of the state. As an example, think of a bug report that is closed but can be reopened. The "closed" state is the end state, but it's possible to go back into the middle of the process. More importantly, I need to be able to find this end state without knowing in advance which it is.

      What I'm trying to do is end this process as a side effect of another operation. I won't necessarily know what node I'm currently in, and because my process can be edited by the end user, I can't guarantee that the end node will always be named something like "Closed" or "End."

      Is there a way to set a flag or some other metadata on a State (or some other type of Node) that I could use for this purpose, or would I have to create my own subclass?