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    rowselect for table: commandButton and componentControl 'cli

    koen Newbie

      I'm trying to create a rowSelector for the rich:dataTable. The goal is that when a row is clicked, an action is executed. I understand that the rich:dataTable has no support for such a row selector (besides the visual aspect using styles onRowMouseOver and onRowMouseOut), so I'm creating one my own using a commandButton and componentControl.

      The idea is that the componentControl listens for an event in the dataTable and then executes the 'click' function on the commandButton. The commandbutton would be made invisible via a style setting.

      However, when I create a simple test scenario with two commandButtons and this is not even working:

       <h:commandLink id="source" value="invisible button" action="test"/>
       <h:commandButton id="target" value="click me">
       <rich:componentControl for="source" attachTo="target" event="onmouseover" operation="click" />

      anyone an idea why this is not working?