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    Task instances - transactions

    Olivier Debels Newbie

      When we are using jbpm (in a client/server application), the client typically only sees a list of task instances he can complete.

      Normally when completing a task instance, some domain functionality has to be done (saving a report, link data with a user etc...).

      These two actions have to be done in a single transaction.

      Our approach is to be able to specify which action(s) have to be done when completing (or cancelling or ....) a task instance in a custom task node in our process definition.

      The runtime variables to make the domain call are added when calling our server methods.

      Any other approaches, thoughts on this?


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          Olivier Debels Newbie

          After thinking about it a little harder:

          We can of course also use action handlers for this and tie them to specific events. Since our task has a few more states, we can add some custom events.

          This would mean we need to add the runtime variables in the task instance. Typically these should be transparent and can be removed after the business method has executed. This can be done in a custom taskController or just by removing them in the action handler.

          So no custom task node needed after all...