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    UserCodeInterceptor HowTo

    Matthias Wittum Newbie

      For integrating jbpm with other applications i need to bridge especially at the start node and at available end nodes (maybe at every node within a workflow process). Before jbpm 3.2 i solved this requirement by using runtime actions adding at the first action node i had defined (we use jbpm with one standard action node that delegates work). Since jbpm 3.2 i there is the possibility to use UserCodeInterceptor 's for solving this task smartly.

      Is there a HowTo for UserCodeInterceptor 's or can somebody post a code example?

      The very best way (for me) to use those interceptors would be to configure one default interceptor at the jbpm configuration that will be created and added to each process instance during instantiation (because otherwise i need a bit of code that will do this - and the first point to do this would be the first action class of each process instance and that is a little bit late). Is this possible?