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    jbpm.cfg.xml not getting picked up


      Hi All,
      I am facing some problem trying to configure mail functionality in jbpm3.2.1.While trying to solve my previous problem (http://www.jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=118858) I have now created an action handler which is fired on task-create event, to send mail to all people in the task Actor Group.

      However, while implementing my own task-notifier, i noticed that jbpm by default looks for jbpm.cfg.xml file only in the classpath, ie, if i place the jbpm.cfg.xml file in some location like j-workflow/jbpm.cfg.xml,which is there in the classes folder of my webapp, then it gets picked by jbpm the first time (since this location is mentioned in jbpm configuration bean in spring file), but later on, it picks up its own default jbpm.cfg.xml file, in effect, picking up its own mail.class instead of my defined notifier.

      My question is, is there somewhere other than the jbpmConfiguration bean, that I should be defining the jbpm.cfg.xml file to use, or is this an issue with jbpm itself?
      Many thanks..

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          What is 'later on'?

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            Thanks for your reply!

            by first time, i mean when the webapp is deployed on the server, I found that my custom notifier and email address resolver are instantiated. But when the actual mail event is fired during the course of the workflow(later on :) ), that time jbpm's mail.class is invoked, which uses default of from-email-address as jbpm@noreply, which throws an invalid address error.

            By keeping jbpm.cfg.xml file directly in classpath, my notifier was picked up alwayz, but as long as i kept it as j-workflow/jbpm.cfg.xml, the default kept getting used, even though this file was present in the classes of my webapp.