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    Integration with struts

    Ajit Pokharkar Newbie

      I am newbie to jbpm.
      I am using starters kit 3.1.3 with jbpm 3.1.3
      I have created a processdefinition which is saved to the default DB. I can run through the process on default application.
      Now I need to instantiate this process from a struts application we have using APIs...Got the fair idea about which APIs to be used.
      But what are steps or what are the things one needs to start with to achieve this...any specific configuration to refer jbpm in struts ??
      I am sorry if this is already answered in this forum...but this is Urgent...
      your replies are appreciated.

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          David Roberts Apprentice

          No one can really help you with your specific app, because no was has any idea what your app is doing. I have a Spring/Struts based web application, and I simply integrate the jbpm libraries. How to do this is covered in the documentation, I think under the deployment section.
          To get ideas how to use the the API's, you can look at the source code for the jbpm console, and examples also found in the documentation.

          I would recommend reading the docs, looking at the source code, and researching on wiki and forums.

          Good luck!