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    Swimlane, actor-id, tasks

    Salvatore Dore Newbie

      Hi everyone,
      i'm try to understand the logic that jbpm assigns tasks to user/group.

      In my application i defined 2 swimlanes :

      <assignment actor-id="marketing">

      <assignment actor-id="pmar">

      and i define 2 tasks...

      <start-state name="Richiesta">
       <task name="Digitazione richiesta" swimlane="swimlane_banca">
       <variable access="read,write,required" name="Descrizione" mapped-name="Descrizione Richiesta"></variable>
       <transition to="Valutazione" name="to Valutazione"></transition>
       <task-node name="Valutazione">
       <task name="Valutazione" swimlane="swimlane_numera">
       <variable access="read" name="Descrizione" mapped-name="Descrizione Richiesta"></variable>
       <variable access="read,write,required" name="tempo" mapped-name="tempo di lavoro"></variable>
       <transition to="Accettazione" name="to Accettazione"></transition>
       <transition to="Preview" name="to Preview"></transition>

      So i create a task "Digitazione Richiesta" assigned to user "Marketing" and a task "Valutazione" assigned to user "pmar".

      But if i log-in in the jbpm-console like "pmar" i can execute task like marketing and viceversa. So, where am i wrong?

      Thx in advanced and... Please Hekp me! I've spent so much time about it :/