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    Difference between /fisheye/browse/JBPM/jbpm.3/console and f

    Vincent Sevel Newbie


      I installed jBPM-jPDL-3.2.2 and ran the websale example.
      Everything was OK.
      Now I want to have my own console and webapplication.
      So I need to learn from the jBPM console code.
      So I started to dowloaded jbpm.3 from
      I was surprise not to find any java class inside the console directory.
      But I am guessing now it is because things has been moved to jbmp4jsf and gravel. But I am not sure.

      However I saw that some code is present in

      So which one is the right one?
      I read in one email that the plan was to migrate from CVS to subversion.
      Is it related?