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    httpSession attribute from HttpServletRequest in ajax reques

    ameo Novice


      In my environment:
      JBossPortal 2.6.5, JSF, RichFaces 2.6.4.

      I put an attribute in the httpSession getting it from HttpServletRequest-object.

      If a want to read out the session attribute within an ajax request, the
      session have not this attribute. Why is the session-object of an ajax request different to the httpSession of the HttpServletRequest-object ? Can you tell me how to get the session-attribute within an ajax request ?


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          brian young Newbie

          I'm not sure you really want to mix the two. Whatever you have that is using servlets would be best rewritten so that everything is under the same umbrella, so to speak. JSF is designed to abstract you away from concepts like servlets and sessions. Because of the IOC tendencies of JSF, it is considered a benefit that your beans don't know about this stuff. I think it will be a hack to get what you want.