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    Pitfalls when using Groups with the same name

    David Roberts Apprentice


      There are a few pitfalls we are facing when we have groups with the same name (we may have groups with the same name, because they may be department names from different companies).

      1) When using the IdentitySession method getGroupByName(String), it will only return the name of one group. What if we have multiple groups with the same name?

      2) In the jbpm-console, when adding a user to a group, you can only type in the group name, but how does the console know which group to add the user membership to if there are two groups with the same name?

      Are these just current limitations? How have others handled this?

      I'm guessing we will need to develop our own way to handle these situations? i.e not using the getGroupByName method, but rather create your own hibernate query or use other API methods and filter the resulting lists accordingly, and using your own webapp and the Jbpm API's to add user memberships to groups?