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    modalPanel and selectOneRadio

    Tim Nguyen Newbie

      I wonder if anyone experienced this strange behavior. I have a Richface's Modal Panel, which contains a h:selectOneRadio. In this Radio button, I have a few f:selectItem. I enable or disable these select Item by using itemDisabled, which get the value from the Bean. (see code below)

      <rich:modalPanel id="reportModal">
      <h:selectOneRadio id="oneRadioID" value="#{reportBean.something}" >
      <f:selectItem id="firstOption" itemDisabled="#{!reportBean.displayableOption}"

      All my logic are correct. But sometimes the selectItem is disabled even though the boolean value from bean is false. If I hit Ctrl + F5 to refresh the screen, it is enable again. I cleared all the cache and tried on different machines but still get the same result.
      Is there anyway to refresh this radio button or richface modal Panel everytime we show the modalPanel, or any body has experienced this problem before, please help. Thanks,