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    Multiple Simultaneous Task Instances of the Same Task

    David Roberts Apprentice

      Lets say we have a task node, called "My Node". On that task node, we have a task, called "My Task".

      Lets say now that a manager selects a list of users, could be one user, could be fifty users, that have to now each complete an instance of "My Task". Lets call the number of users he selects 'N'. Is it possible to create 'N' number of task instances of "My Task", each assigned to each of the 'N' number of users selected, so they now all have to finish their "My Task" task instance (simultaneously/in parallell), and the token will only then move forward onto the next node once all 'N' task instances have been completed?

      Anyone know if this is possible with Jbpm, or have any idea how to go about it?