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pooled actors

blalls asdsd Novice

Hi all,
I am trying the Jbpm and facing some problem here.
How can I set up the pooled actors. Where they are supposed to be created? I could not find any thing in the documentation in this regard. Could somebody give me a hint please?
Thanks in advance

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    Peter Aloysius Newbie

    you may assign pooled actors with an AssignmentHandler

    for example with processdefinition.xml like this:

    <task name="test">
     <assignment class="RoleAssignmentHandler">

    then create class RoleAssignmentHandler :

    public class RoleAssignmentHandler implements AssignmentHandler {
     public void assign(Assignable assignable, ExecutionContext executionContext) throws Exception {
     String[] actors = {"Bill","John"};

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    Ronald van Kuijk Master

    you can also put a groupname in the pooled actors attribute

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    blalls asdsd Novice

    I also find out that you can set somethng like actor-id="actorId" in the assignment when defining it as a pooled actor. But Jbpm gives an error informing that it could not find the pooled actor.
    My question is how can I set up the pooled actors so that Jbpm could find them.

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    Ronald van Kuijk Master

    actor-id != pooled actor.

    actor-id is an individual actor (ie a 'user' in the jbpm identity table) and what this is is up to you.

    pooled actors contains a list of individual actors and/or groups (in the jbpm identity table)

    So setting up 'pooled' actors is greating a group and making users member of that group