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    too many mysql connections

    Ross McDonald Novice


      I am hoping someone can give me a little advice and help with database performance (Mysql) with jbpm 3.2.1. I have searched this forum but not found a large amount of data on the topic, although I did see one post about adding DBCP connection pooling to hibernate. Specifically, in stress testing, we recently tested with around 100 users, incidentally mysql was configured for 100 max connections, and I assumed that connection pooling was in place, is this the case?

      We got the well known ?too many connections? error anyway, and I am looking for ways to close ?sleeping? connections. When looking at the database ?mysql 5.x? with the gui tools, I see connections remain in sleep mode with the time field value increasing. As I click around in different areas in our web app so I see more connections appearing.
      We developed our webapp modelled closely on the jbpm-console sample in 3.2.1.

      We have upped the max connections in mysql, but I would still like to know whether anyone has set up connection pooling with jbpm-3.2.1 and mysql, and if there is a way to periodically sweep for and close these sleeping connections?

      I read the documentation, but could not get a big picture of how the database works from it.

      Thanks for your help in advance,