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    Can I dynamically configure workflow in a thin-client enviro

    Tom Nicholls Newbie

      I'm about to evaluate jBPM for our project, and would be grateful for a brief answer to a couple of questions:

      Can business rules/workflow be configured at runtime? And can this be done from a web browser? This would allow our customers to assign their own workflow definitions.

      If the answer is no, I am thinking that we could configure a number of possible workflows and allow customers to purchase the ability to use them - perhaps by somehow assigning each piece of workflow to a particular "role" and allowing roles to be assigned at runtime (if this is allowed). Would this make sense?

      We are looking to create a "building block" application, where customers purchase from a choice of workflows and these are instantaneously assigned.

      Thanks in advance to anyone who can help - it would be particularly good if someone could point out where to find relevant documentation on this.