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    I am probably missing something but ....

    David Hurt Newbie

      I am trying to evaluate jBPM's capabilities. Here is my problem, a simple workflow;

      Get requests -> Process request(s) Task#1 -> Process request(s) Task#2 -> Process request(s) Task#3 -> End

      The first step "Get requests" may generate 1 - 999 separate requests. At each of the following steps, "Task#1" etc, any number of requests could get processed at one time.

      Can the processing of each request proceed independently (or as groups) or can only one task be active at a time?

      From the forums it seems that this is possible through the use of child Tokens but I want to confirm before attempting it.



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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          sure it can proceed independently but in several different ways: multiple tasks in one node or a dynamic fork behave differently, so for a more specific answer, you need to be more clear what happens in the 'proceding'

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            David Hurt Newbie


            Thanks for the quick response and I am sorry if my description is a little lacking.

            Exactly what happens at each step is going to vary - our system will have to support a lot of different kinds of steps - but in general it is just adding additional information to the request.

            The main issue is that the requests should be able to proceed through the workflow instance all together, in groups or individually depending on the operating procedures and available staff in place. So in simple terms of


            500 requests are created at step A and move to B.

            50 are processed (information added) at B and move to C

            Some time later 10 of the 50 at C are processed and 100 at B are processed

            This would continue (any number of requests getting processed at any step at any time) until all have been processed or they are canceled.

            I hope this makes sense.


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              Ronald van Kuijk Master

              what is the relation between the requests? if there is none, just start multiple instances of the process. If they are related, look at the custom fork in the wiki.