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    Cancel tasks on transition

    Marcus Schmidke Newbie

      Hello all,

      with "end-tasks='true'" in my task-node, I can have all tasks ended when the node is left.

      Is there also a possibility to have all open tasks canceled when the node is left?

      Or which is the best way to achieve the following logic:

      In my task node, two tasks are created. One for the current user of the process who has the ability to continue to the next step, one for the master user who has the right to shorthand the process to the last step.

      If either of them ends his task, the other task must be removed too. Currently, I am using "end-tasks" for this, but I am not very lucky that in the logs, I cannot easily distinct between the task which was manually ended and the one which was canceled automatically.

      What would you do?