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    Node which executes Script and continues

    Marcus Schmidke Newbie


      how can I create a node which is not a wait state?

      I want to create a node which executes a script and then immediately continues to the next node, but I am having problems.

      There seems to be no node type which automatically follows his transition, is there?

      I've tried node type "node", but even this needs a signal to continue. And this signal is a problem. I've tried following:

      <node name="Node1">
       <variable name="index" access="read,write" />
       <transition to="Node2" name="next" />

      The node's only purpose is to simply update a process variable, but what happens?

      The "signal()" call runs synchronously to the next wait state, executing events and decisions, times before the script variable is written back to the context, so my variable modification will not be seen by the upcoming events and decisions.

      This is cleary not what I want ...

      What can I do???