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    JBPM Workflows

    Rudolf Michael Novice

      Hello there,
      is it possible to call another process definition from an exsisting one. if i wanna map this to the designer, i am checking if it is possible to make a transition from a node to another graph where i have another work flow defined. can i do that in JBPM?
      moreover when playing around with the examples, i saw some xhtml pages defined there, isnt the application layer seperated from the business core?
      can i implement all the logic needed in the core business and use any presentation layer to connect it to JBPM? let's say i wanna build the interface using flash and active-x control, can i make this connect easily with JBPM? i know that i can use web services as a communication layer but i guess this is not yet implemented in 3.2.2
      any guidelines or comments are appreiated

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          1: jBPM supports 'subprocesses'
          2: please define what *you* mean by application layer and businesscore? and why you think they are not separated. Btw. the jBPM console is meant for RAD and Demo purposes, not full blown applications.
          3: Yes, you can use any presentation layer. jBPM has a fairly simple api to use.
          4: WS frontend? Not yet... backend: just implement it in java like you would in a normal pojo