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    jBPM Evaluation Confusion



      I have very little experience working with professional workflow engines...I do have alot of experience developing jsp's, servlets, JEE, etc.

      I'm having trouble understanding jBPM from a technical standpoint.

      At the company I work for, we have an internal JEE application that runs on Tomcat. It was built about 5 years ago using JSP and servlet technology with custom workflow. The application functions as a critical internal business process with employees interacting from several departments.

      It uses a set of database tables to dynamically determine the workflow. The app is very primitive to say the least, however, it has become a critical component for the business. Fast forward to 2007, there are many problems with the application and we are considering a complete overhaul using a professional workflow product.

      Since we are a Java shop (open-source first), there has been alot of talk about jBPM. Here is a set of questions I can't seem to find the answers to:

      1. Our current app has about 30 jsp screens... Does jBPM automatically generate new jsp's ?

      2. How is a JEE app incorporated with jBPM?

      3. Are we required to use the web-app that is shown in the jBPM demo? The demo sets up a basic process for requesting vacation time, then generates an app. Is this how a new app is created?

      4. Is there a JEE sample application for jBPM ?

      Hopefully you guys can help me clear the fog.

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          Ronald van Kuijk Master

          Short anwsers:
          1: no, and how much work redesigning will be depends on the ui framework
          2: it's java, so you have the same 'issues' like transactions, interfaces etc... noting really special here
          3: No certainly not (see 1), The 'generated' app is for demo/rad
          4: what is a JEE sample application? Calling an ejb from jbpm? There is not. Calling jBPM as an ejb, yes there is (see testcases, command interface especially)