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    Can BPEL get asynchronous response from invocations?

    i o Newbie

      I'm new to BPEL and BPM world. I leart it through "SOA for the business developer book".

      Now i have this doubt:
      I have several servers which run J2EE applications.
      Each one has also a BatchSubsystem which expose a web services interface which allow to schedule a new process for that application. I dont just have JMS queues because i have some requirements i cant fit with just a JMS queue.

      Now, if i want to use a BPM to orchestrate business process among my applications, can i do something like

      for each application i want to insert "process X" in do concurrently
      invoke(insert process X)
      receive(feedback from application i about process X)

      That means, can i invoke services asynchronously and then wait from THAT application a response about the service i invoked previously?

      i was thinking to put a "sender" field in the invokation message of the response so my BPEL process catch the right response in each receive()

      Is this wrong? is there a better way to achieve this result?