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    Plug and skin: Override panel.jspx with custom skin's one

    Remo Fritzsche Newbie

      Hello World

      I'm currently working on a new skin for our applications. Most of the skinning can be done through xcss, as skins like laguna do use.

      But, for instance, I want the rich:panel to have round corners. This can be done using (a whole lot) DIVs or using a table (I know, that's ugly...). But I simply can't do this job only using xcss. So I searched for the part which usually renders the rich:panel. I found the PanelRenderer-Class. This class seems to be generated on building, there is no Java-File for it. And than there is the file panel.jspx. It contains a lot concerning the panel and I think if I could create a new panel.jspx in my skin and thus "override" the original (supplied) one, I could do everything I want.

      Of course, rich:panel is only an example. I'm just looking for the flexibility to customize the component's looks deeper than possible with xcss.

      Did anyone do this before? It would be great if someone could help me!

      Thanks in advance