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    Programmatically starting a process

    Michael Lauer Newbie

      I want to programmatically start a process. It seems pretty simple, just use the constructor with the process definition. I do it and it seems to work, but the process never shows up in the console.

      I think the problem is that when I deploy from the JBoss IDE for eclipse, it says the deploy was successful, but it never shows up in the console. If I save the deploy using the other button, and then go to the console to deploy it, then it works fine.

      I have gone over all the documentation I can find, I am using

      as my server deployer, the Test Connection works.

      It seems like when I am running from inside the IDE, it doesn't seem to be pointed at the server. This is no doubt something simple I messed up in the setup, but everything else other than facelets works just fine.

      What I want to do is start up a process with
      ProcessInstance instance = new ProcessInstance(processDefinition)
      and then flip over to the console to verify that the process did, indeed, get started up.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.